Thursday, August 02, 2007

Days Under the Eastern Sun

This particular post was about 2 years in the making. Below is a highlighted collection of my positive memories and experiences during my three years in Japan. I've chosen all the best stuff and my most positive memories in this compilation. Most recent posts appear first, with special posts highlighted.

Oze National Park July 2007
Returning to America: Over the Pond: July 2007
Got the Visa!
Towa Road Race Half Marathon, July 2007
Parasailing at Goreibitsu Pass
Calvin & Hobbes in the Classroom
The Dali Museum in the Hills, June 2007
Very Bad Timing, June 2007
Engrish With the Art Club
Sakuranbo Half Marathon
Student Impressions of Me, June 2007
Teiden (Blackout)
My First & Last Funeral in Japan
Great Persons: Ito Mie
Rainy Season Blues, May 2007
Driving Lessons in the Country, May 2007
Growing Rice with Sanpei Sensei
Sending Hikari to Australia
Crazy Nut on the Phone
Great Persons: Sakuma Kyouto Sensei
Sailing Through Golden Week
Koriyama City Marathon
Sanpei Sensei & Hanami, April 2007
Shinzo Abe, Japanese PM, Comes to Koriyama, April 2007
Hiwada Park Cherry Blossoms, April
Job Hunting & A Party: March 2007
Japanese Junk Food
Skiing with the Hearing Impaired, March/Feb 2007
Okinawa Food
The Sake Factory & Ramen Alley Feb 2007
Ghenghis Khan in Sapporo
Brenden: The Human Bowling Ball in Sapporo
The Sapporo Yuki Matsuri, Feb 2007
Sampling Monja For the First Time
The Crazy English Language
English Camp Happened Awhile Ago, January 2007
The Beginning of the End
English Camps
Himeji Jo Castle and Hiroshima, December 2006
2006 Bon Enkai: Year End Party
Seasonal Road Closings & Fukushima Snow
Deadly Food Allergies in Japan, December 2006
Katahira JHS PTA Party, November 2006
Christmas Shopping in Sendai with Kumiko
Learning In a Taxi
Children's Ballet at the Bunka Centaa, November 2006
Shopping with Brenden & Debbie, November 2006
Sukagawa Fire Festival in November
Friends from Hanamaki
Multifarious Friday Night
Emerging Japanese Fluency
A Day in Nikko with Erika
Around the World Farewell Party
Motomiyamachi Festival & the Dashi, October 2006
Stretching with Students
School Festival Weekend
Japanese Rice Harvest, Fall 2006
Karaoke With 5 Year Olds, October 2006
Whale Meat for Lunch
Sailing Inawashiro with the Koriyama Yacht Club
Saturday At Xaverio JHS
Giant Japanese Wasps
Mount Adatara with the Japanese Class
Yanaizu & Enzou-ji with Jake & Junko
Basketball, Tennis, & Ping Pong
Tarako Pasta Sauce Commercial
New Japanese Driver's License, September 2006
Kamakura & the Daibutsu, Sept. 2006
Befuddled Old Coin Dealer
Coin Collecting & Kamakura
The Aerobics Instructor
My Weekend in Japanese, Sept 2006
September Festival in Hanamaki with Brenden Pitt
Motomiya Song at Japanese Class
Ohze Park Cactus House, July 2006
Lazy Summer Day in Koriyama, July 2006
First Half Marathon in Nihonmatsu in July
Last Saturday's International Day
Yamadera Last Week, June 2006
Crazy Weekend in the Cave, June 2006
Wedding Bells in Koriyama Fashion Show
The Sushi Taisho
Getting Warmer in Japan
8th Grader with a Business Card
My English Conversation Class
Letter from Hazuki, June 2005
Hiking in Sukagawa
Evening with Paipin from my Japanese Class
Today, May 2006
Koriyama City Chutairen in May 2006

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