Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wedding Bells

No, I'm not getting married, but I DID go to a Bridal Fashion Show where I met this model here. I actually went there with some friends to see my friend Jen Mitten as the sole foreigner in the show. Astonishingly, Jen was too big to wear any of the western style bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. So, she could only wear a kimono, which she described as "uncomfortable and hot."

I was a little surpised. It was a very good show, with good production values. Most of the models were professionals (with the exeption of Jen). Unfortunately, there was a very low turnout.

Only about 25 people came. I came with a group of about 6, leaving only 19 or so other people who came. It most certainly was not Paris or Milan, but it was a good time. I had fun playing with my camera.

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The Pittmeister said...

That is quite possibly the hottest Japanese woman I have ever seen in my life!