Tuesday, June 13, 2006

8th Grader with a Business Card

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but at the moment, I'm extrordinarily busy.

I was at my larger school yesterday and was talking with a kid. Anyways, he mentioned in the conversation that he had a business card. Being a long-time business card collector (don't ask), my immediate thought was "I want one!" I have business cards from bosses, my Dad's bosses and clients, family, friends, pastors, and many other aquaintances. But I've never gotten a card from a STUDENT!

My second thought was, "Hey, what kind of 8th grader has his own business card?!" I knew that business cards (meishi) are far more common here in Japan, but sheesh. The Japanese even have their own etiquitte for handling and presenting meishi. But this was just funny.

Seriously though, the kid's name is Hikaru Endou, and he is extremely cool. He is one of a handful of students who earnestly desire and try to speak English. He's pretty good at it too.

Anyways, the card had a blog on it as well, which I will link to when I have a spare moment.

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The Pittmeister said...

Now that is one enterprising little man! I think he should be given kudos for starting his networking skills at such a young age.

The big question is: What did you do with his business card?