Friday, October 03, 2008

The Colorado Trail Story

Here is the complete collection of all my posts on the Colorado Trail. While some might think this obsessive, I consider this one of the most important episodes in my life, despite my own negative outcome. Since leaving the country four years ago, I missed the natural landscape of the Western United States, and particularly Colorado's spectacular Rocky Mountains. This journey proved to be a fantastic opportunity to see some of the best Colorado offers.

Inspiration & Beginnings:
The Colorado Trail An account of my first thoughts on the subject of thru-hiking. From April, 2007.
Daily Belly Button Lint In Colorado
Ixnay On the Kathmandu Curry
From Laurel & Hardy to the Three Stooges
Reunion With Paul Brodar
Logistical Nightmare
Running Around With Dave

The Complete Account:
CT DAY 1: Roxborough Park to Mile 8
CT DAY 2: A Gameplan for the Heat
CT DAY 3: Rapidly Diminishing Toilet Paper Supply
CT DAY 4: Return to Lost Creek
CT DAY 5: Through Lost Creek
CT DAY 6: 1st Resupply at Kenosha Pass
CT DAY 7: Kenosha Pass to Jefferson Creek
CT DAY 8: Jefferson Creek to Georgia Pass
CT DAY 9: Rainstorm & Getting Split Up

CT DAY 10: Resting in Breckenridge
CT DAY 10: Arrival At Breckenridge
CT DAY 11: Over the Divide to Copper Mountain
CT DAY 12: Parting at Copper Mountain
CT DAY 13: 17 Miles to Tennessee Pass
CT DAY 14: Holy Cross Wilderness & Bear Lake
CT DAY 15: 3 Miles to Leadville
CT DAY 16: Chillin' in Leadville at 10,200 Feet
CT DAY 17: Positioning Ourselves For Mt. Massive
CT DAY 18: Mount Massive
CT DAY 19: Mending My Ankle
CT DAY 20: Lance Armstrong at Twin Lakes
CT DAY 21: Campfire with Thatch and April
CT DAY 22: Fishing at Harvard Lake

CT DAY 23: Rolled into Buena Vista
CT DAY 24: Leaving Buena Vista
CT DAY 25: Princeton Hot Springs
CT DAY 26: Reaching Monarch Pass
CT DAY 27: Approaching Marshall Pass
CT DAY 28: A Parting of Ways
CT DAY 28: Hitching Back to Denver

CT: Analyzing What Went Wrong
CT: Chillin' in Pagosa Springs Again
CT: The Last Segment & Durango

CT: David Hanson's Recollections

My Dad's Observations in Andy's Fragments
1. Tyler's Back
2. Once Again to the Summit
3. Colorado Trail
4. Walk 500 Miles
5. Only 408 Miles to Go
6. The Hikers Walk On, and On, and On....
7. More on the Colorado Trail
8. Update on CT Hikers
9. Report on CT Hikers
10. Tyler Returns
11. CT Hiking Photos
12. Kennebec to Durango

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