Friday, September 05, 2008

CT Day 24: Leaving Buena Vista

We left Buena Vista today. We had another big climb up a hill that afternoon. Jenny Pyle was kind enough to give us a ride back to the trailhead. And after saying our thank you's and goodbyes, we proceeded on at a leisurely pace, and covering only 6 or 7 miles that afternoon.

So you could imagine our surprise when April came up on us! We thought she and Thatch had passed us 3 days ago! Apparently they went into town as well, although we missed them. Nevertheless, April was there and as chipper as ever, telling us about how Thatch had taken some medication and wasn't feeling so well.

15-20 minutes later Thatch showed up himself, and indeed, was looking much the worse for wear! To cure a headache or some other ailment, he had taken some 10 year old prescription medication his friend had given him long ago. The medication was evidently intended for severe seizures. Dazed, confused, and lethargic in every sense, Thatch wasn't doing so well!

Despite Thatch's medical disaster, they were both trying to reach the Princeton Hot Springs before dark, so they might soak their tired bones. April wasn't having much sympathy for Patch's lethargy and left him in the dust again after we finished talking. It finally registered with Thatch that April had again bounded off down the trail without him like a 9 year old on a sugar high. After that he slowly lurched forward and mumbled something about catching up with her. Hopefully he'll be OK!

CT Day 25: Princeton Hot Springs

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