Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guide to My 3D Designs

If you came here looking for my architectural designs in Google's 3D Warehouse, this is the place. Bookmark this page/post if you wish to return and see what I've added & updated. I'm also adding this page to the list of links at the side, so if you already have Daily Belly Button Lint bookmarked you can find it there.

If you're following my designs, you know I'm developing a design for a very large, luxury log home. The final layout of the house is incomplete. At this point I've completed several different elements that will ultimately be incorporated into the final design.

The links below take you to descriptions of the particular elements you are interested in. The pictures take you to the designs themselves, but you need Google Sketchup to view them.

Office Concept, April 2009. The home office being incorporated into the basement floor of the house. Will connect to an indoor fireplace, and other walls and doors that already exist in the design. Big enough for 3 or 4 to work comfortably. 5 workers maximum.Deck & Patio Concept, March 2009. This is the main deck and patio that will be at the back of the house and overlook sweeping mountain vistas. Notice the spaces left for outdoor fireplaces and colums.Log staircase. A freestanding outdoor round timber staircase I designed for my deck/patio. I'm particularly proud of this one, esp. considering how much work I put into it.Outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace made from sandstone bricks. I think the color would do very well in a location like Colorado or New Mexico. There are two of these on the backyard patio.Door with Window Design. This is an indoor/outdoor two way/double door with windows.Large, Cherry framed, sliding glass window. There will be many of these in several places all throughout the house. The window has two glass panes for energy efficiency.Slightly larger sliding glass window. Almost the same window, but this one is a little bit larger.Outdoor Kitchen Concept. I'm really proud of this one, especially considering I designed everything in it except the refrigerator (Thanks Jenn-Air!*). It has a gas grill on one side, an outdoor sink, and a BBQ smoker on the other side. The BBQ smoker took hours.COMING SOON!!

My contemporary indoor corner fireplace. This fireplace will be in at least 4 locations throughout the home and neatly fits into almost any corner of a home. I like the curved wooden mantlepieces. Click on the picture.

Slightly Smaller Outdoor Fireplace. It's difficult to explain the rationale for the design without showing the final layout of the home, but this outdoor fireplace will be very similar to the first design, only slightly smaller.

Cherry framed, indoor folding glass door with windows & shelves. This will be the entrance door from the downstairs den to the ultimate home office shown above. It is already finished, but I need to make a better picture of it first.

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