Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mount Whitney & White Mountain Peak

I've been slowly trying to add new albums to my Picasa photo albums. Below are two sets from my time in California's Owen's Valley area, where I climbed Mount Whitney and White Mountain Peak.

This is Mount Whitney from Whitney Portal. At 14,490 feet, Mount Whitney is the high point of California and the Lower 48 states. In the USA, only Alaska has higher mountains. I climbed it alone in May 2002.

This is the album from White Mountain Peak, another California 14er. I climbed this one just a few days after Whitney. Being in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is as dry as death valley but as cold as any alpine peak. The result is a stunning eerie moonscape at the top of California. There are only 13 or 14 peaks in California that rise above 14,000 feet.

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