Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Me on Youtube.

One day after school I was kicking back and chatting with my kids. They keep asking me to do these silly little magic tricks I know and told me they were going to record them and put them on Youtube.

Fine by me. I watched them record me. Three days later, sure enough, they put me up on Youtube. Now they're all convinced they've committed some terrible prank on me. And they feel like I should be super offended. Whatever dudes.

Difficult Times

Written April 9th, 2008 about events taking place mid-march 2008.

Went up to my Principal and reported to him that I was "about to crack." I seriously am. He encouraged me as best he possibly could, and I appreciated his words. I don't know how I'd manage this job without him.

This is a very difficult, stressful job and I'm burning out very quickly. Some co-workers are insisting that I join them for the coming 4 day weekend in Bahrain. Jeff Williams, the 8th Grade English teacher is especially insistent that I come along.

For those of you who DIDN'T learn geography, either in my class or someone elses, Bahrain is a small island nation off the coast of Saudi Arabia known for Gulf Air and liberal banking laws.

They've all been really supportive though and understand the stress I'm going through. So I'm going with Jeff Williams, Don Ytzen, and Joe Donahue. Should be a good time. Jeff Wallick might be joining us as well.