Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As I have the afternoons off for the following two weeks (I think), I've decided to get cracking on learning Korean, a task that has been relegated to the back burner since I arrived for a variety of reasons. I've hired a woman that goes by the name of Nain to help me learn and study the language. She teaches at the Changwon Korean class I attend, runs a similar class in the nearby town of Masan, and tutors privately in English and Korean. She is arguably one of the best Korean teachers at the Changwon Korean class, and I've made more progress with her in one evening than I do in 3 classes with other teachers.

One reason I've been putting this off is that I want to develop good habits early on, conjugating verbs correctly, spelling, listening and pronouncing all the new vowels and consonants still difficult for me. I've finally found someone who can help me do this properly, and is capable of answering all my questions.

So, for the next two weeks (at least), I'll be in Masan City, meeting with Nain, and conjugating verbs. Wish me luck! :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Daebang MS English Camp 대방중

This week I've been teaching the half day Daebang MS "English Camp," an intensive English conversation course at one of my schools. The informal, laid back format appeals to me, as I'm given a wide latitude to present my own ESL and English conversational materials.

The kids are all super friendly, and we look to be having a good time, most of the time anyways.

BEST PART: We finish work at 12:30! So I can now go do my own intensive language course. Only instead of teaching English, I'll be studying Korean.