Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thomas Jefferson on Arguing

From Japan Highlights
"It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead." ~ Thomas Jefferson.


Anonymous said...

Did you take the above picture on your own or get it in from somewhere(website)? Fire has both sides of good or bad. One is "warm" or "passion" The other is "destroy" How do you feel about fire? Do you have interesting memories about that? In korea, most mothers usually try to stop their children from playing with fire. They say "If you play with fire, you will pee at night"^^ If korean children pee at night, they have to go begging from door to door for salt, weaing a bamboo basket.^^(It's very shameful) Do you have some funny stories in America like this? If you have, tell me please.^^ good bye. Today I hope to be successful.

Tyler Beal said...

This is indeed my picture. I took this picture in Sukugawa, Fukushima-Ken, Japan, at their November "Fire Festival." I witnessed this 2 hour spectacle 2 times during my time there.

Many groups from throughout the area erect towers constructed of bamboo filled with dried rice leaves to remember an ancient battle many moons ago.

American mothers also scold their kids for playing with fire, but nothing so harsh for wetting their beds. American culture has many interesting anecdotes, none that pertain to fire come to mind.

Most American kids learn to build fires camping or in Boy Scouts. Most American homes also have a chimney, where people gather around a warm fire in the winter months, especially during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.