Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Nugget from Dr. Seuss

From Colorado Trail


Cho Jae-hoon said...

Wow! This picture is fantastic,too!!
I like it personally. I realy think that this picture can be used at post card.
What do you think? Is there wind in this picture? Can you see it or feel it?

"Wind" is invisible.
But we named it "wind"
"Wind" is not untouchable.
But we feel it passes over land.
"Wind" we can not catch.
But our mind is waved along with "wind"

see you^^

Tyler Beal said...

Haha thanks. I took this picture last year in Colorado, USA. I like it as well.

You might not believe this, but there was a terrible thunderstorm only hours before I took the picture.

Cho Jae-hoon said...

Wow! really? Strange to say, I felt some unstable when seeing this picture. Umm... I have some power to see the unseen on the picture.^^
One more in the sentence in my words above, please omit "not" in "not untouchable"^^