Thursday, June 18, 2009

New CS Friends Both Near & Far

One thing I really like about is the open and refreshingly uninhibited drive to meet random people. I've made several friends through the site already (although sadly, they never seem to show up ON THE couchsurfing website).

How this relates to today: I ate dinner tonight with some new friends I met through Jiaqi and Candice, a couple from Singapore, sent me a message asking if they could surf my couch as they would be in Busan for the weekend. They didn't realize that I also lived in Changwon, where they are staying till the end of July for a study program.

Nevertheless, they wanted me to show them where they could find a Boshintang restaurant, and I happened to know where one was. So I took them there! I also brought along a new Kiwi friend, Julia Davies, who I met at the Korean class, and they dragged along a French colleague of theirs doing their same program.

I also got a message via CS from a young woman studying English in the Philippines from Changwon. Kim Na Rae just dropped me a note out of the blue, wanting to get to know me. So I told her my story, teaching kids at Daebang MS, and my time in her hometown. She says she wants to study English when she returns. Perhaps I'll meet her in November then.

Jiaqi & Candice's Wordpress

김나래 (Kim Na Rae's Website)

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