Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Man Who Made My Dream His Reality

My friend Krista Lee connected me with her cousin's website, a man who has been traveling, trekking, and photographing Southern and Central Asia for over two years. He's making this fantastic website with wonderful images of his formidable and ever growing mass of epic travels, journeys, and adventures.

I've spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon now reading about his varied adventures from China to India to Vietnam and Laos, and I'm more and more excited about making such a journey myself. I'm already including some of the places he visited into my itinerary already.

While I wonder about my ability to plan a journey as fantastic as his, and desperately hope my own stories are half as exciting and interesting as Micah Hanson's, I somehow have a faith and confidence they will be.

People like Micah prove the axiom that 'Fortune favors the bold.' Those who step out beyond the point of no return are the ones who reach the destinations no one else can manage. The ones who swim beyond the shore, saving nothing for the swim back witness new horizons and discover new lands. I must remember this principle, and never fear to hold back out of trepidation or cowardice.

Micah Images: Across Asia

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