Monday, June 29, 2009

More Monday Morning Thunderstorms

It was a dark and stormy... morning? An ominous forboding of things to come this week? Perhaps, but either way, the ferocity of the rain this morning woke me early.

It's nice to see the rain. Even a newcomer to Changwon like myself can tell there is a bit of a dryspell in what is supposed to be the region's "rainy season." It will keep things cool for most of the day as well, so I won't have to worry about sweating too much at work.

Unfortunately, I can also say that this level of rain isn't sustainable and not the best type. At this level of intensity, the rain will wash right off the mountains, contribute to erosion, and generally not be absorbed into the local aquifer. This rain will run off into the sea, testing the capacity of Changwon's storm systems more than recharging trees and plants with life.

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