Thursday, July 24, 2014


 Four years have passed since I regularly wrote here.  I've almost completely neglected this blog during that time.  All of that is about to change.

 Many, many things have transpired over the last four years in my life, but I started writing again because I'm about to begin a new chapter in my life.  Emerging from a long hibernation, starting over, rebooting, whatever. Pick your tired, cliched metaphor and run with it. I'm back, I'm alive and I'm writing about it all again.

 Some readers may know (are there any readers left here?) that I'm emerging from a long, isolated and difficult depression. Some of you may already know of my plans and intentions.  But most of you will not.  Several friends have inspired me to start writing again, and that's exactly what I'll do.

 In December, I'm leaving my job here in Korea and starting a new life on the road.  I'm currently planning an ambitious year-long 'round-the-world' trip.

 The plan is simple and elegant.  When my contract finishes, I will depart Korea and travel overland, from Vietnam to Spain and then to the United States.  I will pass through 20-30 different countries.

 I know this blog has long been neglected, but if you're still interested in reading, I will be updating regularly again, writing about anything and everything that happens.

 I want to offer a special thanks to the many people who have been such wonderful friends and put up with me and my problems for so long. I'm coming to realize I haven't always been the wonderful friend and companion you all so richly deserve.