Saturday, April 11, 2009

Luxury Home Office Design Concept

For those of you interested in my designs and architecture, I can assure you I haven't completely shelved the project I'm working on. After much work and revisions, here is the home office concept I created for what will eventually be the ultimate log home, and the office below should be enough to secure the title.All wood and stone masonry, the office features work spaces for a maximum of 5 people, although it would be a little bit cramped and impractical for that many. It would be very nice for 3 or perhaps 4 people. The office features dark cherry wood desks, paneling and shelves. 30 filing drawers leave plenty of room for all those leftover bank statements and W-2 forms. There are also 3 glass cabinets to fit PC towers.

But then I got to thinking, why not just put a whole server rack in the house?? With a dedicated server I could just run USB ports and monitors to every room in the estate. I think I'm gonna put the server rack in a basement or utility room though, as I think it would cramp the style of the ultimate luxury office.

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