Monday, April 27, 2009

Intervals, Laps & Sprints, Oh Man!

Lately, I've been frustrated by my lack of progress, fitness-wise, and I've decided to finally mix things up and try some new things. I've known I've been needing to do some of these things for awhile, but I haven't had a real good chance to try it out yet. But, I finally located a park with a nice running track, and started racing down the rubberized red ring with a football field in the middle.

I've known for a while now from friends near and far about the need for sprints if I want to better my times and speeds on longer runs, but just haven't quite been able to get out of that bubble. But then I read recently about a new study (will try to find the link soon) that claims sprinting proved better for increasing metabolism, burning fat, and muscle definition. The last benefit was particularly attractive to me, as I hope to resemble Greco-Roman sculptures the next time I hit the beach. It makes sense I suppose. If you look at champion marathon runners, they're all sticks. But the Olympic track stars look like Greek Gods.

I won't kid you though, sprinting proved tough. Its easy to fool myself into thinking I'm fit and athletic if I can run at a decent respectable pace for an hour or more. But after getting thrashed doing 400 and 800 meter dashes for 15 minutes, my lungs carefully explained that I am in fact, a complete and total sissy.

The second day I ran here (Sunday), I never felt so out of shape in years. But what can I expect really? I haven't run sprints or done THIS sort of exersize since my PE class in high school. More and more, I'm finding that your body and muscles quickly adjust to the types of demands that you put on it (half marathons in my case). My body just isn't accustomed to this sort of thing just yet. The question is: can I stick with it long enough to GET ACCUSTOMED?

Time will tell. The track is a 30 minute bike ride from my house, so I don't think I'll make it down there more than 2 times during the weekdays, and perhaps once on the weekends (perhaps the long ride down is one reason I get tired so easily?) I probably won't be able to follow any of the stringent half marathon and marathon regimens I'm reading about from this guy, but if I can get to the track once on a weekend and twice during the weekdays, I'll be happy with myself. Fortunately, there is a free shower facility there (Yay Changwon!) so I can clean up right before I head to my Korean class Tuesday night. I should probably just look for a closer place to do this stuff, but the track is just too soft and makes measuring distances too easy.

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