Monday, April 20, 2009

More Gaya Festival Pictures

Here's a few more pictures from the Gaya Festival.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
A inscription in wood. Ancient Buddhist sutras written in a circular pattern. Etched in wood with a hot iron. According to the man displaying it, there are only a few craftsmen in Korea capable of making these.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
Sonny and Tina fight with long, pole weapons similar to a voulge, glaive. All had single edged, curved or crescent shaped blades, some with barbed curves at the ends. Perhaps remeniscent of a Chinese Guandao? It's too bad I'm not familiar enough with these weapons to speak more authoritatively. Nevertheless, we had fun playing around with them. (Don't try this at home!)
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
A shorter double edged sword in its wooden sheath. It had a nice wood inscription on the exterior.

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