Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I Fired My Broker

Jeffrey Goldberg wrote this great piece in the Atlantic Monthly: Why I Fired My Broker. Humorously written, I was dithering on weather to inundate my followers with more of the drivel I peruse in my free time, but after they mentioned a staple figure of Prescott Arizona, Desert Survival Guru Cody Lundin, I figured it was worth mentioning.

For the East Coast city slickin' author, Lundin is kinda weird, but according to him, the man has the best investment advice. I vaguely recall meeting Lundin one time. He teaches (or used to anyways) desert and wilderness survival skills at Yavapai College. He features occasionally in the local newspaper and is a prominent figure in the Prescott area outdoor and environmental community. He's the only teacher I've ever known who doesn't wear any shoes.

If it's too long you can watch the video instead.

Why I Fired My Broker, by Jeffrey Goldberg

Also from the Atlantic,
The Quiet Coup, by Simon Johnson

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