Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Korean Class

Went to my first Korean class on Tuesday night. My new pal Carlos showed me the place, in a community center in the central business district in Changwon. Numerous foreigners were there, each working with a Korean volunteer. It reminded me a quite a bit of my language class in Motomiya-Machi that I started attending my third year in Japan.

What did I learn you ask? Well, some of the vowels and consonants in the Korean Hangul Alphabet! Korean, it seems, has several consonants that don't exist in English, and hearing the differences between them proved quite a challenge. I'd sort of picked up on this just listening to people tell me names and things, but I'd never had it formally explained before. We'll see.

They all seem like nice friendly people, and they seem to be quite an active group that does a lot of different events. Hopefully I can make some friends here. Perhaps they'll motivate me to start learning Korean!

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whateverheather said...

Hey, I am enjoying your blog! I was wondering If you would be so kind as to fill me in on where exactly you are learning Korean, as I am also in Changwon and very interested in getting into the language. I have heard they have classes at the University, but they are already midway through the term of teaching... sounds like you have a good deal here in Korea. My email is heather.henrichs at gmail dot com. Thanks so much!!