Thursday, April 30, 2009

What to Do For the Holidays

No, I'm not thinking about what to do for Christmas and New Years (yet), rather I'm stuck. There is a 5 day weekend here in Korea very similar to Golden Week (for those of you familiar with that).

Trouble is, I didn't plan any foreign excursions to a faraway distant land. I had made plans to go visit an old friend in China, but unfortunately, by the time I'd heard he'd be in Shanghai no time remained to complete a visa application. So instead, I'm staying around here, thinking about saving for RTW. I'm going to stick around here for the most part, and perhaps do some hiking and exploring in this area as well.

I'm going hiking with Bo Hwe on Sunday, and have another hiking trip planned with some teachers from Annam MS the following Sunday. I need to get outside Changwon though, and see some sights and places in this area.

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