Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kanpei Hazama Runs & Sails Around the World

Here's a guy who inspired me recently. I recently learned through my friend the Brenden the Pittmeister and his wife, Kozue, that this famous Japanese comedian, Kanpei Hazama, has been racing and sailing around the world and not too long ago passed through Flagstaff and Northern Arizona! After my failed bid on the Colorado Trail, I can only imagine the stamina this guy must have (although being bankrolled by wealthy sponsors and aided by overwhelming logistics probably helps!)

The guy is trying to promote Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. As of this writing, he appears to be headed up the US 160, just east of Kayenta bound for the four corners area. He's running 50 kilometers a day, everyday. (about 30 miles) In this video, some cops pull over and he thinks he's in big trouble. Fortunately for him the officer is a fan and just wants a picture!After hearing he'd be in the Flagstaff area, Kozue evidently searched for him for a few days without success. Then by chance, she ran into him outside the Flagstaff mall! After finding this picture on her facebook, I found this link to his blog and learned about the incredible journey he must be having. If you look at the youtube links on his blog, he's having all sorts of wonderful encounters with friends, fans, and strangers alike.

He's making quite an incredible journey, and I encourage you all to stop in and read about him.
Earth Marathon

Kanpei Earth In English

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