Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Akermann Middle School Delegation

As schools and cities around the world often do, Annam Middle School in Changwon, South Korea recently formed a "sister-school" relationship with Ackermann Middle School, in Central Oregon. Annam recently sent a group of 15-20 students to Oregon in January, and last week, Ackermann returned the favor and sent a delegation here to Korea, along with a small cadre of teachers and parents.

Turns out, the American kids all had a great time in Korea and the whole event went relatively well, thanks to all the hard work from teachers and parents on both sides of the pond. They invited me to join them for a celebratory dinner event held in the library, where I met most of the kids, teachers and parents from Oregon.

I also got a chance to speak with some of the teachers and principals, who were understandably quite excited about everything the American kids were learning about Korea, Korean culture, and their own country as well. The Korean hosts also had a wonderful time, from everything I heard as well, all of whom were super eager for the chance to practice their English. Annam and Ackermann: Sister Schools Forever. Here's some pictures: This Annam MS student shows off his really cool, Taekwondo robot. The robot actually does a few cool moves. Ackermann MS students lead everyone in a medley of American songs.

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