Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jay Cutler & Bronco Drama

From Korean Lint
Normally I don't write about football, but I'm a Broncos fan and I actually got asked about this by a guy here in Korea. So here's my authoritatively comprehensive and indisputably correct assessment of the whole mess.

Well, NFL fans know that Denver & the Broncos have had a pretty rough ride lately (pun intended). First, they fire their head coach Mike Shanahan, a guy whose been with the Broncos organization for the bulk of his NFL career. A lot of people saw this coming so its not really news.
Now they have some new guy named McDaniels.

Apparently, if I'm reading things correctly, McDaniels claims he was approached by some two-bit Florida team about a trade for Denver's (former?) star quarterback, Jay Cutler. He apparently briefly entertained the idea before turning the offer down, only to have Cutler get wind of the conversation and throw a big tantrum about the whole thing.

Now I don't really get why Cutler acts so upset. Is McDaniels just not feeding his ego enough, like Shanahan did or something? He throws a hissy fit apparently because the new coach doesn't think he's valuable enough to the team to not get approached by someone else about a trade? Dude, you're one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. People probably ask about trading you all the time! I'm not a football expert or anything, but seriously... HUH???

After that, the coach and the Bronco's managers can't get ahold of him for weeks. Apparently nobody can. He takes the role of some scorned prima donna and doesn't show up for the training camp (as though he's better than anyone else and doesn't have to be a team player). Then he shows up on Fox Sports and acts all stunned and surprised that they're trading him? Well duh! You've been acting like a spoiled rotten toddler! I'd trade you away too!

The logical gaps in Cutler's behavior along with the weird, he-said-she-said nature of the whole thing leads me to believe there's a lot more going on here than we're privy too. And after reading more about Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, this whole thing definitely looks kinda fishy. I suspect Cutler hasn't been very happy for awhile and is using this to get out of Denver now that his bud Mike is gone. But seriously, if he is so hurt and offended about something that amounts to nothing, does he seriously think its going to be any better in another place?

Anyways, Denver's enviable quarterback situation appears to be over. They might be OK if they get a couple good first round draft picks out of this, but still, it looks like things might cost the Broncos. Could be worse I guess. We could be as messed up as the Raiders!


Andy Beal said...

I think what happened is, McDaniels tried to trade Cutler to New England for Matt Cassell. Cutler caught wind of it and asked his new boss about it. McDaniels denied it and basically lied to him. Cutler decided he couldn't play for someone who couldn't tell him the truth. I kind of don't blame him. He should've returned the phone calls from the owner Bowlen though.

Anonymous said...

You think the situation would have been handled differently if Shanahan was still coaching? Jay Cutler
will do bad in Chitown with no WRs to throw to.

Tyler Beal said...

Yeah, I kinda think Cutler's gonna get to Chicago and wonder where Eddie Royal and that other guy are and what he's supposed to do without em.