Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deck and Patio Concept

Here are a few of my designs that I'm incorporating into the house I keep talking about. Here's a wooden deck and patio for the log home I'm putting together. As you can see, the home will be quite large. You can even see the spaces where my fireplaces and outdoor kitchens fit. And yes, that's a person standing off in the distance.

This next one is a bit strange at first, but with the layout of the house it should prove super convenient for an outdoor kitchen. It will also hopefully fit in with the symmetry of the house. We'll see if it works. The back end will sit against a wall. Some of the faces are still white because I haven't chosen a colored texture for it yet. Not sure if I want to go with the same sandstone I have in my fireplaces or something different. But It has a gas grill, an electric burner, a sink, several cabinets, and a BBQ smoker. I designed everything in it except the Kitchenaid Undercounter Fridge, which you can see next to the sink. Everything else is mine! Am I good? I'm good!

Again, you need the program Google Sketchup in order to view them in 3 dimensions. So download it today so you can see this cool stuff I made. Why are you still reading this? The link's right here.

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