Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bricks, Mortar and Stone

Lately I've been doing this whole architecture and design thing with Google Sketchup and being human, I can't help but be inspired and influenced by what's around me. I was also quite surprised and impressed, as I've found the Korean homes around me to be more interesting and attractive than the homes around me in Japan or the United States. Perhaps the newness that will wear off soon enough, or perhaps it is just the contrast with the often unimaginative rows of apartments that line the avenues in Changwon, but I really like these houses.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still designing a log home, but I've been blown away by some of the things I see builders doing with granite, bricks and chiseled rocks around here. But while I'm impressed it doesn't surprise me terribly. Korea has always been famous for

Take a look at these homes. There's big granite slabs lining the corners and the sides. And here I'm thinking stone veins and polished granite are just for counter-tops and fireplaces. Silly me! And of course, it wouldn't be Korea (or Asia for that matter) without a roof of curved tiles.

There's another home with a really gnarly brick scheme I forgot to get a picture of. So if you stay posted, you might see that one soon.

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