Monday, March 09, 2009

Hiking between Changwon & Gimhae

Well, it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon at 1PM and what was I doing? Sitting inside writing this blog of course! Fortunately my friend Soon Jeong called. Having taken it upon herself to look after me like an older sibling (or even my mother) she insisted that "Spring is here!" and that I should get outside and enjoy the outdoors. So I took her advice and went hiking. I'm glad she saved me from myself, as I found that weather just doesn't come much better than this.

A whole network of trails run between Changwon and a neighboring principality to the West known as Gimhae. Several spurs connect to a trail running along a long hogback ridge that extends North and South along the entire Western side of the city. People take these trails up along towards several peaks and summits or make any number of different loops. Endless possibilities exist. These paths climb up steep hills and connect to the ridge on several saddles.

Below, You can see into Gimhae. Gimhae seems to be a more rural agricultural city.
My beautiful new city. I'll have to take this picture again sometime in the early morning when it isn't backlit.

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Anonymous said...

Will you post hiking trail map information? Like how to get to the trails in Changwon?

Great Blog!