Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Spicy Fish in Masan

Korean food is famous for its spice and super hot flavor. And this latest dish is perhaps the spiciest I've had yet.

Agujim (spelling?) is basically steamed monkfish with bean sprouts and tons of super spicy hot red pepper sauce. The nearby town of Masan touts itself as the pre-eminent specialist for this culinary adventure. And an adventure it is, as Masan's signature dish now officially holds the title for the spiciest food I've ever tasted in my lifetime. The previous title, held by a bowl of green curry I ate in Thailand a few years ago is now a close second. Some Indian curry I once had is now a fairly distant third.
My new friend, Bo Hwe comes from Masan, and wanted to take me to this one restaurant famous throughout Korea for the dish. She can evidently handle the spicier food better than me and managed to eat it with little discomfort. I was determined to eat it though, and managed to masticate a respectable quantity of the imposing cuisine. I sweated and suffered through most of the meal, getting occasional relief from the bowl of white rice. I could still taste the dish and feel it in my stomach hours after ingestion.

Picture note: I had forgotten my camera, so this photo comes from Wikipedia. The food looked something like this, only a whole lot redder.

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