Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trans-Terra Blog Idea Revisited

I'm revisiting the idea of my new travel and photography blog concept, Trans-Terra. I put out the word on my facebook account to friends so that I could look for great pictures, but there seems to be little interest.

Anyways, here's how it would work: Every day or every few days I would post a different photograph from either myself or a different person with a short very short story to give it some context. Relevant themes can include nature, travel, landscapes, or culture. Something like this:
From Australia

The serene red glow of rocks at dusk in Australia's King's Canyon gave pause. The magnificent glow in the vast emptiness and silence of Australia's abundant wilderness brings fond memories of similarly spectacular and inspiring locales I explored in Arizona and Southern Utah years before.

So every day, I could showcase a different photograph with a different story. I'm going to try a few posts like this here first. If you have any great travel/adventure stories with cool pictures to go along with them, contact me here!

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