Sunday, March 15, 2009

Changwon's Take on Parks & Recreation

Had I found this place sooner I might have thought twice about my gym membership! In parks and trail heads all over Changwon one finds children's play-sets, chin up bars and benches for bench presses. Nowhere outdoors in ANY park anywhere, have I ever seen a complete set circuit trainer machines. Until Saturday anyways.

While the equipment was dusty and a bit rusted over, it was definitely useable without much trouble. Some of the equipment was in surpisingly good shape and I may come back here from time to time. The whole set of machines would concievably exersize every single muscle group. The freeweights though didn't come in very many sizes (and left a big red rusty stain on my palm).

While it probably wasn't executed very well, it seems a great way to promote health, fitness, the outdoors, and an interesting idea to incorporate into a park system. I will definitely still be visiting my gym most days, but I think when the weather is warmer I might come down here on a lazy Saturday morning sometime.

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