Wednesday, March 18, 2009

K-Pop Song Won't Go Away

Talking with middle school kids all day, I'm slowly starting to learn the names of all the pop singers, actors and actresses in Korea. Since the day I arrived I'd been hearing this one particular catchy song all day on the airwaves that never seemed to go away. Without any effort on my part, I've heard it at least twice a day since I arrived. Well, this week I finally connected an artist's name with the song, so I can now share it here with everyone.

For whatever reason people keep listening to it and playing it on the radio. I suspect one day soon people will be so sick of Girl's Generation that they'll never play them again.

But in the meantime, I figure if I have to listen to this every day (in the bank, the supermarket, the gym, ringtones, etc), all my readers should be so lucky as well.
What do my readers think?

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