Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More design Inspiration

Here's a few more examples of the types of houses and log homes I've been looking at. When I first started using Google Sketchup I went off the deep end I was having so much fun with it. I think I've reached a happy compromise however, as lately I haven't been spending more than 45 minutes a day with the program. Anyways, here's some other stuff I like:

Here is a nice fireplace and chimney with a loft area above. This comes from RRichardHobbs' Flickr Account. I'm doing something similar in my design but I'm trying to figure out how to wrap some stairs around the fireplace. I also think the round timbers are a bit overdone. They should be for accents and corners, not siding. My design will also be a couple orders of magnitude larger. Hard to explain, but you'll see it when its done.
I also like this interior from PrecisionCraft. The flat wood panel siding is nicer than rounded timbers as walls in my humble opinion.

More ideas inspiring me to come soon from Korea and Japan.

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