Monday, February 09, 2009

Google Sketch-Up

A couple months ago on a complete whim I googled different architectural software. There was a free version of a 3-D design software called Google Sketchup. I downloaded it on a whim and I've really enjoyed playing with it since and I've created a whole host of different things.

The only problem: my designs and skill with the software improve at a geometric rate, so I'd be downright ashamed to show you things I'd made even two weeks ago. However, I'm ultimately putting together a couple of big projects and I need some input from qualified people, so I'm asking any of you readers for your thoughts.

Here are some designs I'm incorporating into a contemporary log cabin home. As you can see, it's quite large and should be quite extravagant when finished. It will definitely need to be located at a well to do location like Aspen, Breckenridge, or the Swiss Alps. Fortunately the software is from Google, and allows me to load models directly into Google Earth.

I figured I'd better tone it down a bit after I installed the third outdoor fireplace. But I still think I'm going to add the crystal bathtub in the master bath and the 2 floor circular stair wine cellar with access to both the basement wet bar and the upstairs kitchen. And the "Moon Viewing Room," inspired by Matsumoto Castle in Japan will probably also make it into the final design.

I'm kinda stuck at the moment though and I'm not sure where I should take the rest of the design. Any thoughts on where I should take this? Below is the link to the house along with a model of some log home/timber stairs that I'm also proud of. I think you will however need to download the software to see the models in full 3D.

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thatch said...

why tone it down? why stop at 3 outdoor fireplaces when you can have an indoor/outdoor funicular that pierces the glass curtain wall on its way to the moon-viewing room? you don't want those aspenites looking down their noses at you.