Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Court Case Threatens Hyperlinks

Dude, I'm kind of bummed that some lawyer dude has gone out of his way to try putting the right of everyone to make Internet hyperlinks in jeopardy. It's a total bummer he's claiming a hyperlink is "trademark infringement" for some unknown reason. What really bothers me is that after reading the case there isn't any kind of apparent reason. It'd like, be totally different, you know, if the real estate news company he sued had poisoned his hamster or put toilet paper in his trees or called his mother a nasty name in middle school, but all they did was announce the sale of his home and refer to him with a hyperlink, which is a matter of public record anyways. Now they're all takin' gas for no reason. And then the case doesn't even seem to do anything more than resolve some semantics issue!! Serious dude! You blow out yer squeaker for this? Dude, What's up with that?

Ironically the law firm's London Branch got named "Dispute Resolution Team of the Year." Perhaps they can send some of those hodads over to their office in Chicago.

You can read the article here from and why bloggers should be more upset about it.
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Dude, I'm like, afraid to put this lawyer's name here in case he starts gettin' all legal on me. The lawyer responsible for all this goes by the name of Jacob Tiedt and he like, works for a law firm known as Jones Day. But because of their bummer lawsuit, I can't hyperlink directly to them anymore. Now it's like, all blown' out man! Now, I have to do this: (*

* is a registered trademark of Jones Day. Neither Tyler Beal,, nor is in any way affiliated with Jones Day. Absolutely nobody involved in the making of this blog post is affiliated with Jones Day or any of its associates or affilliates or anything. Dude! I've never met the guy serious!

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