Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Someone Wants to Publish Me!

I've spent the last 72 hours without sleep, kept alive by coffee, red bulls, and other legal stimulants. I feverishly edit and revise my prose as it imminently awaits the presses and the scathing, unsympathetic onslaught of vicious critics. But I'm getting very excited about the prospect of my mighty words gracing the pages of National Geographic, Outside, Men's Journal, Rolling Stone and Mad Magazine, all the fabulous cocktail parties filled with America's most pretentious literati, and book signings on the Oprah Winfrey Show! It sure is nice being a successful writer!

Unfortunately I'll have to wait quite some time before experiencing any of the above. But my work did get noticed by someone only slightly less prestigious. Crip Moorey at Sail Japan recently asked if he could reproduce something I wrote in this blog two years ago. My devoted readers will recall the time I went sailing on Lake Inawashiro with the Koriyama Yacht Club. I asked him to let me edit the piece again, although I don't think I managed to improve it much. The always gracious and unfailingly kind Kyoko Nagashima kindly corrected the Japanese I wrote that day as well. ありがとう!

For those of you who have been stranded at sea for the last 20 years, Sail Japan is a resource for foreigners who love sailing and are living in, and/or sailing to the Land of the Rising Sun. Thinking about it, sailing would be a great way to visit the Asian archipelago. There would probably be countless ports and cities along Japan's coastline well worth visiting (Lots of really great fresh sushi too!) So if you sail and you're headed to Japan, this website might be helpful.

My friend Teppei will be pleased that he and his comrades are now famous in the sailing community. He's smiling already! Or maybe he's just grinning that his Koriyama Yacht Club has an enviable private beach on Lake Inawashiro and you probably don't!

Here's the link to the offending article in my blog that I wrote in October, 2006.

Here's the same article after Crip Moorey at Sail Japan got his hands on it.

Link to Sail Japan

Random link that has nothing to do with any of this here.

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Pandabonium said...

I just read your article on Sail Japan - most enjoyable. I am an American living in Japan - next to lake Kitaura in Ibaraki - and have a Lido 14 on order. Nice to at least read about sailing until I can get on the water myself. Thanks.