Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm glad I've been able to stay in touch with numerous friends of mine, as my friends are spread all over! Being as mobile as I am, I often don't get to see people for months or years after we part ways. On those rare occasions When I do get to rendezvous with friends again though, it always proves an unexpected surprise.

Stephanie Lowrance recently returned to the United States, after her third year in Koriyama City. As her family moved to Colorado during her abscence, she returned to Colorado Springs instead of her native Texas. And while I can't speak for her, I had a great time showing her around the People's Republic of Boulder. We went for a hike and then ate lunch in Boulder. Later on, I tried taking her to the Coors Brewery for their free "tours", but unfortunately tours were closed for the day. Zannen!

I met my friend Stephanie in Koriyama a few years ago, and we've run some of the same circles during my time there. I'd often see her at Peare, the gym we both frequented. She's soon relocating to the Washington DC area, where she will begin training to be a Peace Corps volunteer. I'm confident she'll do a great job.

I can honestly say that I count Stephanie among the kindest people I've ever met. Never once have I heard her say a negative thing about anyone (a trait I often aspire towards) or even hint that she dislikes someone. Nor have I heard anyone relay anything but praise and admiration for her kindness, generosity and smile. Stephanie definitely sets the bar high!
As I forgot my camera, Stephanie took the pictures of me scrambling around some Boulders in this park just outside Boulder. The Flatirons are in the picture just above.

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