Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 3: Rapidly Diminishing Toilet Paper Supply

We finished trudging through the burn area near Buffalo Creek, and we were ready for some tree cover and some rain! We were on schedule for most of the morning, until Paul came down with a bad case of diarrhea that afternoon. Oh no! Now we have to stop every hour for twenty minutes so Paul can dig a hole and fill it up!

Now if David and I were disappointed about this new development, I can only imagine how Paul felt about things. He certainly looks pretty cheerful for someone being cleaned out by an intestinal bug!

It wouldn't have been a huge deal (we still made our mileage for the day), except that our roll of toilet paper was looking a lot less thick and fluffy. In fact there was far too little paper on it for comfort, considering more wouldn't be available for another 45 miles. We might have to start rationing the stuff!
On the brighter side, we could indulge our dirty minds in jokes about having the trots. Paul had Dave and I in stitches about, "the flies attacking my Hershey drops..!" We also climbed these two big boulders while waiting for Paul.

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