Wednesday, July 02, 2008

From Laurel and Hardy to the Three Stooges

This afternoon, as I was going through an old email account I rarely use due to its saturation with SPAM, I discovered 2 emails from longtime friend and former roommate Paul Brodar! He's evidently decided to put off preparations for his 2012 presidential bid a little longer so that he can focus on more important things: joining David Hanson and I for our Colorado Trail Through Hike!

Paul and I met in the Summer of 2001 during my stint at Friendly Pines Camp, and after hiking, climbing, and hanging out with each other up at Northern Arizona University for quite some time, became very good friends.

After University, we parted ways, and haven't seen each other for 2 1/2 years. He moved up to Durango, CO, while I went to Japan and Kuwait. He brings our team to three people now. Paul has a wealth of experience in the backcountry and the wilderness, having worked on year-round staff at Friendly Pines and having his intimate knowledge of the San Juan Mountains in Southern Colorado. He also has a GPS, solving many of our navigation problems during the trip.

I'm planning on meeting him in Pagosa Springs this weekend where we can work out details about the trip and I can show him our game plan. Here's to Paul Brodar! Our Duet is now a Trio! No longer are we Laurel and Hardy, we are now the Three Stooges! Although I'm not sure the latter is the most promising analogy.

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