Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 9: Rainstorm and Getting Split Up

Longest hike yet! Over 18 miles today. The three of us would be proud of this except for the fact that it was NOT intentional. But more on that later.

We started off on one of the most beautiful mornings of our journey yet, with spectacular views of Mt. Guyot in excellent early morning light. Most of the morning would be downhill, and we correctly anticipated that we could make excellent time. We also ran into a volunteer trail crew with the Colorado Trail Foundation. They gave us fudge and refilled our water bottles.

The rest of that afternoon consisted of running up and down hills in a never ending thunderstorm. Dave and I went on ahead, as Paul often drags behind. We didn't think much of it until we'd reached our water source at about four in the afternoon. We waited 1.5 hours and STILL didn't find Paul, so we hurriedly went back to look for him when the rain finally let up. Luckily, we found him 3 miles back, looking for US! Dave and I apparently missed the agreed upon water source and overshot it by three miles!

Paul joined us at the point further along in the trial, and I ran ahead to get dinner ready. Despite this, we still didn't start eating until well after dark. The only bright side consisted of the paltry miles until we roll into our second resupply at Breckenridge sometime tomorrow.

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