Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 5: Through Lost Creek

We hiked uphill almost all day long. After ascending an abandoned logging road we finally reached our first view of Lost Creek itself. This was the Lost Creek Wilderness I recall from my memories. A lazy little stream meandering through a pristine forest of giant, stately Douglas Firs, Lodgepole Pines and Blue Spruce.

With the steep logging road behind us, the gentle grade of following Lost Creek to its source proved no challenge at all, and we made excellent time. I caught up with Paul and Dave about our lives since we parted in college.

In the late afternoon we reached a point where the creek disappeared, surrounded on three sides by mountains. Paul spotted a rocky outcropping above the trees and suggested we climb it. Dave and I were eager to get a few more miles in, but indulged him, and we're eternally glad we did. We got magnificent views of the entire valley West, where Jefferson lied. We could see the tiny town and the highway that was nearly a mile outside Denver. We also spied Pikes Peak (far to the South near Colorado Springs) and Mt. Guyot.

CT Day 6: First Resupply At Kenosha Pass

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