Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Refreshments Anyone?

After our long and grueling drive up Mount Evans, Alison and I returned to Idaho Springs, where we ate the best pizza in Colorado, Beaujeaus Pizza! For those of you who aren't familiar with Colorado Style Pizza, it works like this, you have two types: Mountain pies with their enormous moutainous crusts and Prairie pies which are much flatter (And NO, these ARE NOT the prairie pies all my readers from Texas and Oklahoma are all thinking of!) We shared a moutain pie with all sorts of toppings. I thought it was delicious!

Great Pizza! The only problem was, Beaujeaus had taken down all the napkins on the walls I remember as a child. When I was a kid and walked in, the entire walls were covered with napkins people had written and drawn on! I even wrote a few myself and planned on finding them! One of the best things about Beaujeaus was reading all the different napkins that people wrote. Now they're all gone! (Health or Fire regulations if I had to guess).

After that, we went down to Golden Colorado, seeking the much colder (and much more famous) refreshments that Golden Colorado has become famous for! What's even better, they give it away for free! I envy all the students at the Colorado School of Mines, who get this every day for free!

We went to downtown later that night for more of the same.

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