Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 6: First Resupply at Kenosha Pass

Having caught up on our scheduled mileage, we only had to make 10 miles or so today to reach Kenosha Pass on US Highway 285. My parents had loose plans to meet us at the spot, but we had stashed a box in the nearby town of Jefferson in case unforseen circumstances prevented them from making it.

So we woke up early and headed out, stopping only for a long, late morning break at a creek to wash up and get water. While there, we ran into Lint, who we learned through small talk was a seasoned thru-hiker and triple-crowner. Triple Crowners are those hardy folks who have hiked the three main long distance National Scenic Trails in the United States: The Appalacchian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. He had done over ten National Scenic Trails and had tattoos of trail logos and trail maps all over himself. He carried a big bamboo walking stick and an ultralight backpack and was doing about 20 miles a day. We would see his name in Trailhead registers for weeks to come, and were amazed at his time.

The rest of the hike was fairly easy and mundane. We made pretty good time and enjoyed the great views of the open valley.

Dave, Paul and I selected a campground near Kenosha Pass and reluctantly paid the requisite fee for the area. My parents showed up with big hamburgers, beer, elk sausage later that evening. We had a great time relaying our stories and encounters with the parental units. We were also super eager to drop about 5 pounds of useless stuff each of us had brought along. I got rid of 2 extra layers, some socks that were too warm, some cooking implements, and some other odds and ends that were simply weighing us down. Paul and Dave did the same. Paul even dropped his hand cranked radio that he had been carrying.

We also went through our food resupply and dropped TONS of food that we simply weren't and hadn't eaten during the previous week. We simply had purchased too much of the wrong kinds of food.

Despite the rain, my parents enjoyed camping with us as well. Although this picture was taken the following morning, when everything was sunny and warm. You can read my Dad's account here.

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