Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arrival at Breckenridge Day 10

Arrived at Breckenridge early this morning. Luckily we didn't have to hitch a ride into town, as Summit County CO has a free bus system! SO, we got on the bus and booked the first cheap lodgings we could find. Fireside Inn Bed and Breakfast turned out to be a great place, and so we spent the afternoon getting sundry business done, eating hamburgers, and soaking in the hot tub.

We spent the evening with some new friends and wound up jumping around to all the night spots in Breckenridge (there aren't as many as one would think). But we needed a day of rest, so we decided to spend two days in town.

There also seemed to be some sort of Corvette convention or gathering going on. Seriously, I'd never seen so many of the muscle cars in my life! Another Corvette sat parked nearly every place you looked.

Also, a shameless plug for Mountain Outfitters here in Breckenridge! I had called them up a couple of weeks before we left and asked them if they could hold our food and supplies for us. Sympathetic to our cause, they readily agreed! So if you ever find yourself in need of outdoor gear or apparel in Breckenridge, look these guys up!

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