Friday, July 18, 2008

Logistical Nightmare

The easiest (and most fun) part of preparing for a long hike of this nature is getting cool new gear and stuff to take with you. You can buy the latest, greatest (and lightest) version of everything. Go to stores, get stuff you like, and figure what you'll need.

The hard part comes when you realize that you need 50 days of food. For three people. The food has to be light weight. The food must keep no matter how hot the temperature. The food has to cook in less than 15 minutes (anything more requires one to carry an unacceptable quantity of fuel). The food has to be cheap. About the only food that falls into all of these categories is instant oatmeal, and you get sick of this VERY fast.
Then you realize JUST HOW MUCH food 50 days worth really is. I wonder at this point if we've gone way overboard. I've made sure we have regular meals, but I've got tons of stuff that may or may not be necessary.
And if these things aren't necessary, they are only going to weigh us down. At this point, seeing everything, I'm sure we WON'T go hungry. But we've got tons of stuff like ramen noodles for every day, instant pudding for every day, trail mix for every day, and dried fruit for every day (raisins mostly).

We'll see what happens!

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