Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Meet the Nephew!

For almost a year now, my sister Noelle has been eager for me to meet my new nephew, Seth Andrew Holler. And my chance finally came later today when my sister arrived carrying her 10 month old Cheerios vacuum cleaner, Seth Andrew Holler.

He's still too young to walk and talk, but he manages to entertain the whole clan by grinning, making weird noises at inopportune times, scooting around on his knees, and trying to taste every random object given to him. He's definitely cute!

Always the doting mother, Noelle seems to be doing a fabulous job raising him (although a bit overprotective IMHO). I gave him a dishdasha just his size that I bought in Kuwait (he wasn't too crazy about it though) and I also gave him a used, obsolete cell phone that I also used in Kuwait. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES playing with the cell phone and finds it much more delicious than the new clothes. It won't be long before he's texting all the girls at the day care center with his slobber covered cell phone!

I was also completely shocked and amazed at how much time and attention infants demand of their parents. I always knew babies were high maintenance in an academic sense, but seeing it firsthand honestly blew me away. But I'm sure Noelle wouldn't have it any other way.

PICTURE NOTE: This photo was shamelessly stolen from my father's blog, Andy's Fragments.

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