Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Scott and Keith head off to the Gore Range

We recently got in touch with Scott Walker, longtime friend from Memphis and former owner of the Memphis Branch of Ascent Outdoors. Scott and Keith were headed off to the Gore Range. They were both exited to take the 4rth of July weekend to head up into North Central Colorado and get a Colorado Rocky Mountain High.

When they mentioned where they were going I recalled my own trip to the area in the Gore Range, including Upper and Lower Cataract Lake and the Eagle's Nest Wilderness Area. I started the trip with my father for a couple days, hiking in from a 4WD road and making the trek to Lower Cataract Lake. We then made a longer trek and met up with Leon Henklemen at Surprise Lake, who was (surprise!) leading a group of Jr. High kids from Bear Valley Church. I knew a couple of them and got to know a couple more.

Being in the 2nd or 3rd grade at the time, I don't remember a whole lot. Only a thunderstorm, a few fleeting images of the group and locations, and some rude comments that some long forgotten Jr. Highers made to me. But I do have a lot of positive feelings about the place, as I'm sure Scott and Keith will.

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