Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 10: Resting in Breckenridge

Sorry I haven't had a chance to update lately, but We've started our hike, and are now 11 days into our journey across Colorado. Check back when this is all over, as I will be making entries for each and every day of our 40 day journey, replete with photos, descriptions, and all sorts of crazy stories.

This is turning out to be far more difficult than I originally imagined. We've had a few setbacks, but nothing too serious. We're on schedule and very optimistic that we can finish. As for Breckenridge, I'm very much liking this place. A beautiful mountain town high in the Rocky Mountains, it attracts skiers all winter, and mountain bikers all summer.

In our journey, I must extend our gratitude to Mountain Outfitters here for holding our gear and giving us all sorts of help. You guys rock! Also, hospitality from the folks at the Fireside Inn is fantastic.

You can also see some photos from this part of our journey so far.

CT Day 10: Arrival at Breckenridge

CT Day 11: Over the Divide to Copper Mountain

The Colorado Trail Story

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The Pittmeister said...

Well, it's nice to see you haven't been eaten by a bear...yet. I just spent the weekend in Cuchara, CO, which is down by La Veta if you don't know where it is. Lovely town, I'll be writing a post reporting on my goings during the weekend.