Thursday, July 31, 2008

CT Day 7: Kenosha Pass to Jefferson Creek

An easy day by any standard, we only hiked 6-7 miles from Kenosha Pass up to Jefferson Creek. Dave had been longing to get some fishing in, and considering we hadn't gotten started until nearly lunchtime, there wasn't any good reason to go further. We also didn't want to start a big hill late in the afternoon. Dave fished while Paul and I hoped and prayed for a trout dinner.

There also appeared to be a mountain biking race going on. TONS of mountain bikers were coming through the trail. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. Bike tires tear up the trail and make deep ruts down the middle of the trail, messing up the stride of hikers. Hikers are either forced to put one foot directly in front of another (like on a tightrope) or step outside the trail altogether. I blame mountain bikers as the culprit for the blisters on the outide of my feet and those annoying times when I have to give my feet a rest and walk off the trail.

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