Wednesday, August 06, 2008

CT Day 11: Over the Divide to Copper Mountain

We finally departed Breckenridge, and now faced another climb over the Continental Divide. This would also be the first time the Colorado Trail coincided with the Continental Divide Trail. Despite this, the distance from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain was only 13 miles or so. We would be cresting Tenmile Range and would get some spectacular views.

On reaching the divide, we ran into and met a new friend, Justin Butts. Justin entertained us with hilarious stories about his travels to India.

Unfortunately, this also turned out to be the Day Paul's knees refused to let him go any further. He managed to make it over the divide, and claimed to be able to reach Copper Mountain, but David and I were very concerned about him. Luckily for him, we enjoyed the best sunset of the entire trip that evening.

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