Wednesday, August 06, 2008

CT Day 13: 17 Miles to Tennessee Pass

Our biggest mileage day so far, Dave and I cruised through to Leadville in an ambitious bid to simply get some mileage done. Besides crossing Kokomo Pass and treeline early in the morning, most of the rest of the scenery during this segment was somewhat, ho-hum. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes and flies along certain parts, passing mostly through endless "matchstick forests" along the CO-24 Highway to Tennessee Pass.

Both Dave and I were pleased with our early morning progress and the mileage we were making throughout the day, so we continued along, regrettably speeding past Camp Hale at 3+ miles an hour without so much as a photograph.

We did stop briefly at the 10th Mountain Division Memorial along the CO-24 Highway at Tennessee Pass, but stopped for very little other than that. I also got a shot of these huge charcoal ovens from the olden days.

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